The Steam Company

Premium Brand Packaging

Standing out from the sea of competition.

The Steam Company is a vape shop and lounge located in Orange, CT that focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of e-liquid, e-cigarettes and vaping supplies. With one of the primary goals focusing on helping people to quit their addiction to tobacco products, The Steam Company offers convenient and automatic monthly delivery programs of their artisan e-liquid juice directly to the customer’s door.

Dinner with Dawn

The ask & outcome:, delivers a refreshingly simply eCommerce shopping experience for customers all around the world. With a grasp on the D2C model, The Steam Co. wanted to step-up their game and get into the wholesale and big box retail market. So they reached out to Pinpoint to design and produce a concise set of custom packaging that enabled their brand to stand out from the sea of competition.

From double-sided English/Spanish packaging to be distributed in South America to a single color corrugated box to ship wholesale samples domestically; Pinpoint delivered a custom set of designs that truly positioned The Steam Co. as the premium brand they are.

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