Kineti-Go Games:
Brand Development

Kineti-Go Magnetic Games is a startup that designs and manufactures a unique line of table games powered entirely by magnets. Their handcrafted, wooden games express a sense of nostalgia and excitement of the “good ol’ days” of family fun.

Brand new to the marketplace, Kineti-Go Games needed a new brand for their beginning. They approached Pinpoint to develop and design the brand visuals for their company, which would branch off into different product branding as well.

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After concluding our in-depth discovery process, we began to craft a brand with a vintage look and feel that helped to tell a story while complementing the sense of nostalgia the startup company was trying to achieve.

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Immediately, Kineti-Go Games was able to present their products and brand confidently to retailers and stores around the country. Within months Kineti-Go Games was picked up by the unique gift catalog Uncommon Goods, which is delivered to households and businesses around the country.


  • Design of company logos and individual products’ logos
  • Product design
  • Engraving the logo on wooden products
  • Design and production of custom packaging
  • Design and production of tradeshow booths
  • Video production for a commercial
  • Design and production of brochures and sell sheets

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