Our Story

Pinpoint began by helping small businesses in southern Connecticut promote themselves through graphic design, printing, and promotional products.

But Steve Gentile never quit networking and learning everything there is to know about everything. TJ Andrews never stopped implementing new products and delivering remarkable things in some remarkable situations. Clients felt like we had their back. So Pinpoint grew.

Now, over ten years later, we work all across the country for multi-billion-dollar brands, helping them make a remarkable impact on their customer base. Sometimes we forget how amazing that is because we get a type of tunnel vision: to us, huge opportunities simply look like a person reaching out with a challenge or a problem that needs solving.

And we’re here to help you. We inject some novel ideas to try to kick your impact up a notch (or two, or three), and then deliver on it with a crack production and installation team.

We’re Pinpoint. We’ve got you. Let’s Create Remarkable!


Our Philosophy

Let’s Create Remarkable

LET'S Create Remarkable

Our philosophy lays the foundation that we are your partner. Your wins are our wins. Your losses, our losses.

Let's CREATE Remarkable

Next, we bring in our unique, problem-solving kind of creativity. From the beginning of the project, we uncover the why behind your goal to make sure what we’re doing lines up with your true need.

We anticipate issues and constraints that will come up. What others see as challenging we find stimulating. And we’re always looking for opportunities that we can help you exploit.


When you’re ready to move from concept to execution, forget the chaos of dealing with multiple companies. Our team has the skills and in-house production capabilities that take the load off your shoulders while we make the dream a reality.

Everything we conceptualize, design, and fabricate is done intentionally: to make something remarkable that helps bring your brand to life in the hearts of your audience.

We make the dream a reality

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