Dunkin’ Donuts Giant Cup Customization & Branded Footprint

A fresh look and inviting feel.

Dunkin’ Donuts has been a longtime sponsor at the XFINITY Theater in Hartford, CT. Each season thousands of concertgoers pass by this giant Dunkin’ Donuts cup structure to get free samplings of coffee or sign up for promotions. As years passed, Dunkin’ Donuts found their presence was becoming stale and they needed some life infused into their branded footprint.

Pinpoint was approached to design and convert the old Coolatta structure into a new, vibrant, iced coffee that would turn heads and get noticed. The design and build-out consisted of custom painting of the entire structure to make it appear as if ice cubes were floating in coffee, removing the whipped cream from the top and replacing it with giant glistening ice cubes; replacing the main sign; painting the entrance bricks; and painting the exterior of the building and fence areas with Dunkin’ Donuts colors.

Dinner with Dawn

The outcome:

The outcome was over the top and far surpassed expectations. The footprint now has a fresh look and inviting feel that attracts consumers, increasing the foot traffic and overall brand exposure.

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