Live Nation Direct Mail Campaigns

Live Nation

A phenomenal response nationwide.

Live Nation is the global leader for live entertainment – from concerts to international music festivals. To stay ahead of the competition Live Nation must remain top-of-mind and constantly promote themselves. For years Pinpoint has worked closely with many Live Nation venues across the country to help promote concerts and sell seats for their Premium Seats division.

Dinner with Dawn

The outcome:

One avenue of this promotion is through direct mail marketing, long used as an effective weapon for many marketing campaigns. But garnering good response rates takes more than just a flashy design and quality paper. To ensure these Live Nation direct mail marketing pieces would stand out from the daily junk mail people sift through, we wanted to make it a premium experience for the recipient.

We designed a mail piece that looked like an elegant invitation. The outer envelope was metallic gold paper with “You’re Invited” in an elegant script. Inside we included a multi-page brochure that was specific for each venue, which included a venue map, an upcoming list of concerts, a listing of the premium seat options, the benefit of being VIP member, and a number of high-quality photos.

The result: the direct mailer got a phenomenal response nationwide.

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