Xfinity Corporate Suite

Rebrand & Renovation

Comcast Corporation

The Ask

Xfinity, a Comcast Corporation communications company, has maintained a VIP Suite at The XL Center in Hartford, CT: a 16,000-seat arena that is the state’s largest premier sports and entertainment venue. Pleased with Pinpoint’s refurbishing of the original Comcast Business Suite at XL Center and impressed by the highly acclaimed Xfinity suite at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre, Comcast asked Pinpoint to design and remodel six (6) Comcast VIP Suites at the XL Center. This is the second of those suites. Xfinity’s business objective was to elevate the guest experience, making it more engaging for them and distinct from other VIP suites at XL Center.

the build

The entire build was Pinpoint’s responsibility—concept, design, mock-ups, blueprints, installation, and project management. The design was based on the suite we had previously implemented at the Toyota Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT.

VIP Suite Modification & Upgrades: The Xfinity VIP Suite modification was a complete overhaul of the existing suite. Starting with painting the suite walls with a custom design, Pinpoint installed new flooring and added a central peninsula with a quartz countertop, futuristic lighting, wired and wireless phone-charging, and built-in mini-fridge. New, updated, dimensional brand signage was printed, fabricated, and installed.

The lighting was jaw-dropping, from the glowing peninsula to the halo lighting on the wall signage. Adding to the effect, Pinpoint created edge-lit Xfinity logos set on floating shelves that also cast colored lights onto the wall.

To enhance the guest experience, Pinpoint sourced premium armchairs for the suite seating section, cushioned bar stools to match the Xfinity brand appearance, and replaced the entire restroom sink and vanity to coordinate with the new aesthetic.

While Pinpoint directly produced and installed all the aesthetic elements of the suite project, they coordinated with the XL Center’s in-house electrical and plumbing specialists.

Larger-Than-Life X1 Remote: Other than a large, dimensional acrylic Xfinity logo on the wall, the other main feature installed on the walls was a custom- built, oversize version of a standard Xfinity-branded X1 remote control that customers typically have in their households. The giant remote stands off from the wall and is halo-lit with LEDs, making it appear to be floating by magic.

the outcome

Because of Pinpoint’s work, XL Center selected the Xfinity VIP Suite as their showcase suite for their sales team to show prospects considering sponsorship or corporate entertainment packages. With more than 42 suites they could have picked to provide the ultimate showcase experience for prospects, it is a testament to Pinpoint’s exceptional work for both the Xfinity brand and the XL Center.

From conception and ideation, printing, procurement, fabrication, through installation, the complete end-to-end buildout took three (3) months.

“OMG – Love it so much! Great Job.”

Judi C.

Sr. Marketing Manager, Comcast

“This is incredible! What a difference. Thank you for all your help and keeping it all organized! I cannot wait to see it in person.”

Jason P.

Marketing Specialist, Comcast


  • Center peninsula, 62”long x 36”high x 30”wide wood base encased with white acrylic, lit up with blue LEDs; shelving for charging stations; 4.4 cu. ft. mini fridge; 68” x 42” quartz countertop
  • X1 Remote, 19” x 76”, made of laser-cut acrylic with vinyl print, mounted with standoffs, halo-lit with LEDs
  • Restroom white toilet, white porcelain sink, chrome faucet, base cabinet, and 63” x 20” quartz countertops
  • Acrylic Xfinity logo, 71” x 24”, mounted with ¼” spacers
  • Four (4) floating shelves with six (6) edge-lit acrylic logos (blue LED)
  • Four (4) 18” x 36”acrylic signs refaced with updated brand messaging
  • Six (6) adjustable-height, white-leather bar stools with back
  • Five (5) white-leather armchairs with castors

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