Arculus: Bitcoin 2022

As a premium sponsor and exhibitor, Arculus needed to make a gigantic splash by ensuring their tradeshow footprint stood out from every other exhibitor at Bitcoin 2022. It was going to be the “must visit” booth for all attendees, and the only custom footprint at the event.

Arculus inside right corner walls

Arculus—developed by CompoSecure (NASDAQ: CMPO)—was a newly launched brand leading the way in cold storage wallet technology for securing crypto digital assets for consumers and businesses. Bitcoin 2022 in Miami was the world’s largest in-person Bitcoin conference and was Arculus’ first mainstream public event.

Arculus tasked Pinpoint and our partners at Digital Surgeons to do this in the coolest and most memorable way possible—bringing the innovative service offerings to physical life. Pinpoint led the ideation, developed the creative, produced, fabricated, and installed the unique footprint. Pinpoint also procured and printed branded promotional giveaways for 30,000+ attendees.

The Build

Pinpoint completely designed and fabricated the 20’ x 20’ footprint. The project included creating custom booth walls with dimensional lettering, protruding end caps router-cut to their brandmark helmet shape; a 12’ truss-supported structure recalling the “A” in the Arculus logotype, with glowing panels on the edges.

For the activation’s centerpiece we fabricated a 7’ tall faux ice block with a giant Arculus card frozen inside, fitting with the theme of cold storage (offline storage of cryptocurrency).

To fit underneath the A-shaped truss structure we made an A-shaped safe, complete with metallic finish and rivets, combination dial, 6-spoke handle, and functioning door to securely store giveaway items.

Critical to cryptocurrency is security, so we customized a soundproof booth for attendees to set up their Arculus cards in private.

The final interactive element in the activation was a branded social vending machine. Attendees lined up to receive a random prize up to $1,000 in Bitcoin. They scanned the QR code on the machine and filled out the 2-question market survey that came up. Submitting the survey authorized a pre-determined Tweet to be posted on their behalf regarding Arculus at Bitcoin 2022. With that, the machine dispensed the prize.

Promotional Elements

Aside from the knockout aesthetics of the footprint, Pinpoint strategized with Arculus to engage attendees with memorable interactions with the brand via tiered giveaways.

The social vending machine dispensed six different colored acrylic “Arculus coins” 3.75 inches in diameter. They designated the different tiers of prizes. Attendees kept the coins as souvenirs, which were backed with cork to double as coasters.

Pinpoint ideated, designed, procured, and produced the promotional prizes. They included Beats Pill+ speakers, a sleep kit, Arculus-embroidered beanie hats and FlexFit baseball caps.

Scans of QR code on booth walls

Social vending QR scans

Individual/unique Tweets


  • A-shaped aluminum truss structure with black aluminum composite cladding and LED light panels, 12’high x 9’ wide, 16’ long

  • Fabricated Ice Block: acrylic with printed white frost pattern, 52” wide x 84” high x 8” deep
  • Fabricated “A”-shaped storage safe, 52” wide x 48” high x 18” deep
  • Booth walls: aluminum frame with SEG fabric full-color print and ½” thick dimensional lettering, 120” wide x 96” high
  • Two L-shaped Arculus helmet end caps made of ½” thick brushed aluminum composite material, 24” wide x 96” high x 24” deep
  • Privacy booth: fully soundproof pod with electricity, ventilation, desk, and seating
  • Social vending machine: full-color printed PVC board skin, 31.5” square x 66” high
  • High-boy tabletop wraps: full-color printed vinyl, 24” x 24”
  • Staff shirts
  • Promotional prizes
    • Acrylic Coins
    • Baseball Caps
    • Sleep Kits
    • Knit Beanies
    • Beats Speakers
    • $250 Bitcoin (10)
    • $1000 Bitcoin (3)

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