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Yellow Tail, the Australian wine brand, aimed to create a feel-good, positive-energy, immersive summertime consumer experience targeted at 21 to 34-year-olds at four iHeart Media music festivals in 2023:

  • Z100 Summer Bash – Hudson Yards, New York City
  • Coastal Country Jam – Long Beach, CA
  • iHeartRadio Music Festival – Las Vegas, NV
  • Fiesta Latina – Miami, FL

Working in partnership with iHeart Media, Pinpoint was asked to conceptualize, design, fabricate, transport, and install a custom 20’ x 10’ activation footprint at each festival stop for Yellow Tail.

With the activations taking place at iHeart Media’s music festivals, the theme was to connect the Yellow Tail brand to music and highlight the bright Yellow Tail colors, giving a nod to its Aussie heritage and to draw people in.

To provide eye-catching, perfect selfie moments, props were tastefully placed throughout the footprint, including 7-foot-tall headphones, oversized fruit, replica 36” wine bottles, fabricated walls with dimensional soundwave symbols, and a 7-foot-tall fabricated replica of Yellow Tail’s brand mark: the iconic kangaroo.

Las vegas


Yellow Tail’s business priority was to engage consumers by offering a premium wine product sampling experience at each activation. Taking advantage of Pinpoint’s physical brand engagement strategy and the production and fabrication of custom bars, the activation footprint centered on the wine sampling area. This proved so successful that the premium wine inventory was exhausted at each event.

Collecting first-person data for post-event marketing communications was another Yellow Tail objective. We created two methods for data capture:

1. Photo Memory Wall: Attendees who wanted their picture taken with the larger-than-life headphones were required to provide name, date-of-birth, and a phone number.

2. Yellow Tail Branded Fanny Pack: Attendees who wanted the fanny pack giveaway were asked by Brand Ambassadors to fill out a survey and scan a QR code, a data capture program that Pinpoint and iHeart Media collaborated on creating.

The tremendous success of the activation and its enthusiastic response has led Yellow Tail to strategize an expansion of its multi-stop tour in the coming years, with plans to double the size of its presence and establish a multi-tiered party deck, bar, and lounge.

Not only did Pinpoint play a pivotal role in helping Yellow Tail reach its objectives, but the activation gained the attention of Lipton Iced Tea during the Hudson Yards, NYC event. Lipton Iced Tea’s brand marketing team was so impressed that they enlisted Pinpoint’s production services for an upcoming activation at a different event. The work that Pinpoint subsequently did for Lipton Iced Tea was so well-admired the brand kept pieces of the activation to show off in their NYC headquarters.

The impact of Pinpoint’s work even sparked admiration from other renowned brands, leading to glowing reviews from competitors’ brand activation teams, who couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s like a movie set!” and, “This is the first activation your eye is drawn to when you first walk in.”

Long Beach, CA


  • Total Photo Moment Participants: 1300+

  • Total Fanny Pack Giveaways: 5000+

Key Deliverables

  • Fabricated modular walls emblazoned with fully customized branding
  • Dimensional PVC “sound wave” and prints of fruit on walls
  • Backlit, dimensional push-thru-acrylic signs
  • Branded vinyl flooring and high-top tables
  • Photo op: fabricated high-density foam headphones, 88”H x 60”W x 32”D
  • Fabricated, 36”-tall wine-bottle stanchions with printed vinyl “labels” and painted bases
  • Large-scale, dimensional, cut-out Yellow Tail kangaroo logo
  • Custom-built sampling bar

NYC Hudson yardS


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