Target Sports USA:
Ammunition Branding and Packaging

Online ammunition retailer Target Sports USA added a private label line to their offerings. But a nondescript brown cardboard package with the company’s logo printed on it didn’t do justice to the quality of the contents, and it didn’t present well on the web store.

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Pinpoint was asked to conceive a brand for the premium line of private label ammunition. This included the product brand name, logo and visuals, and packaging that conveys reliability and class.

“Apex,” the brand name, means the uppermost point, conveying peak performance. Also, the top of a curved trajectory—as of a bullet through the air. This could be applied to the climax of an experience—like a life-and-death defense situation or the moment of bagging a buck while hunting.

The logo is a nod to military stenciling and the “A” has a subtle reference to the shape of a bullet. The packages use silver foil stamping (like the Lone Ranger’s silver bullets used in his quest for righteousness and justice) and a matte finish for a feel that is quiet and determined, like a hero of a Western movie.

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With ammunition in extraordinary demand, production runs totaled 200,000+ boxes within the first year.

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