MasterCard and Lyft:
Winter Wonderland Vehicle Customization

MasterCard partnered with Lyft around the holiday season with the intention of creating a magical evening in New York City to surprise cardholders. What happened that night was an unforgettable surprise that left people in awe.

Pinpoint was approached to convert the outside and inside of a Lyft SUV into a “Magical Winter Wonderland” for one night that was going to pick up unexpected MasterCard cardholders to really give them a Priceless Surprise.

In collaboration with Octagon and R/GA, the night included a personal ride in a decked-out Winter Wonderland Lyft vehicle, concert tickets, a shopping spree at Time Warner Center, dinner and goodies to enjoy inside the vehicle while en route to each location.

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As for the Winter Wonderland SUV itself, the transformation was magical.


  • Full vehicle wrap
  • Textured, dimensional icicles on the windows
  • Custom glistening ice effect inside and out to make the vehicle look completely frozen
  • Twinkling lights outside and inside
  • Fluffy snow covering the floor
  • Real birch wood “forest” in the back
  • Karaoke machine
  • Flickering fireplace

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