J Dewey

Custom Retail Packaging

In packaging, image is everything.

J Dewey Manufacturing is a Connecticut-based company that has been supplying sportsmen, law enforcement, competitors, and collectors with the highest quality gun cleaning rods and supplies in the industry since 1975.

The quality of J Dewey’s products is top notch, however their packaging, presentation, and overall design was not. They were told by big box retailers, like Cabela’s, that their product was great, but that their current packaging was sub-par, and this was the primary reason why J Dewey could not be featured in the Cabela’s stores. The fact is when a customer walks into a store they are looking at a company’s packaging, not the product itself.

Dinner with Dawn

The Ask & Outcome:

Faced with this roadblock, J Dewey Manufacturing reached out to Pinpoint for strategic and creative help. After conducting several discovery sessions to better understand their products, target market, and brand, we were able to design and produce a set of attractive product packaging boxes that had the look and feel of a leader in the gun cleaning supplies industry.

Within one month of J Dewey Manufacturing presenting their new packaging to Cabela’s, their products were eagerly picked up by this nationwide retailer and are currently being sold on shelves.

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