iHeartRadio Music Festival

iHeartRadio tasked Pinpoint with ideation, design, production, installation of 7 custom footprints for 7 different brands, with installation spanning one week. This massive undertaking took place at the daytime concert stage at MGM’s Festival Grounds in Las Vegas.

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The 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV is a two-night, live and broadcast event (on the CW network), jam-packed with 30 of the biggest names in music: Justin Timberlake, Fleetwood Mac, Imagine Dragons, Luke Bryan, and many more. A live backstage broadcast with Elvis Duran aired across iHeartMedia radio stations throughout the country in more than 150 markets giving listeners exclusive artist interviews and performances.

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The client, brands, and concertgoers could not have been happier with everything Pinpoint did for this event.

Strategy and Design Weeks

Fabrication Weeks

Brand Activations

Installation Days

Concert Attendance

Complimentary Premiums and Apparel


Pinpoint built a 40’ x 40’ brand activation site for Macy’s and their 2018 Rising Star winner Heffron Drive. The queue approaching the entrance to the enclosed area was lined with six jumbo red-and-white Macy’s bags.

Inside, attendees were able to admire custom male and female “Rockouture” outfits made from recycled vinyl records, CD’s, guitar picks, and guitar strings. The walls were lush with greenery, decorative sunflowers, and inspirational neon sign on that said, “Find the Remarkable You.”

In addition, custom Macy’s t-shirts were handed out free to help promote and drive traffic to the tent.

A Star is Born

This interactive 20’ x 10’ space promoting the movie A Star is Born gave concertgoers a chance to feel like a real star. The open space encouraged attendees to have a seat behind a baby grand piano and sing into the attached mic while a slow-motion camera captured all the action. Flashing LED lights built into the back walls created the sense of being on stage, playing to a packed house while fans captured every moment.

As a bonus, everyone who posted their video with #AStarIsBorn was entered to win free tickets to the movie.

1800 Tequila

A custom larger-than-life, 8-foot structure of the 1800 Tequila bottle and a scenic view of the Daytime Stage made this lounge area the perfect hang-out spot for attendees to take photos, watch live music and enjoy the scenery in an open space.

Complimentary samples of 1800 Tequila were distributed to guests as they relaxed on custom made furniture and enjoyed live music from this elevated rooftop lounge.

A Simple Favor

This brand activation site engaged attendees with unique tie-ins to the movie. There was a photo op where visitors could enter a photobooth that looked like the official movie poster for A Simple Favor.

People were encouraged to write a secret on the “Secret” wall using lipstick pens. Anyone who posted a picture on Instagram using #ASimpleFavorSweepstakes would be automatically entered to win tickets to the iHeartRadio Music Festival Saturday night show at the T-Mobile Arena.

Spit Soundproof Booth

23andMe teamed up with the iHeartRadio podcast “Spit” to sit down with special guests for a live broadcast in a pop-up, full sound studio inside the actual concert near the Daytime Stage!

 The podcast, known for its unscripted conversations with top recording artists such as John Legend and Wyclef Jean, explored how DNA testing gives new perspective on who we are and how people are connected to each other.

The studio’s front window allowed attendees to watch the live recording while taking advantage of the free DNA kit and bandana giveaways.

Dept. of Homeland Security

This 20’ x 10’ brand activation space promoted the “See Something, Say Something” program by the Department of Homeland Security.

The back wall displayed the Las Vegas skyline draped with cloud shapes that displayed reasons why people should speak up if they notice suspicious activity. The outreach campaign used #WhyISeeSay as a way to spread the message across social media.

Versed (Merck)

This 20’ x 8’ foot wall stood tall, encouraging concertgoers to become educated on human papillomavirus (HPV) and the cancers and diseases it causes.

The Versed logo was displayed in big letters and each letter was filled with tiny beads to symbolize people with HPV: over 25,000 beads in total.

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