City of New Haven:
Ongoing Relationship Since 2008

New Haven, Connecticut is one of the most historic, innovative, and embracing cities in the country. We are fortunate to have New Haven in our backyard.

Pinpoint regularly works with the City of New Haven and Yale University to help vividly paint a picture of all the wonderful things to do in the city.

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From seasonal promotions to ongoing artwork throughout the city streets, we’ve branded city windows, wall wraps on brick buildings, electrical transformers, sidewalks, and even hundreds of parking meters to help keep this historical gem thriving.

City of New Haven Window Wrap


  • Pinpoint works directly with the City of New Haven and also more than 10 associated organizations within and around the City
  • We work directly with Yale University, Yale Colleges, and University Properties
  • Official signage & print partner for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade for 5+ years
  • Timed promotions with specific install and removal times

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