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Setting the Stage

In the sun-kissed paradise of Bonaire, nestled in the vibrant Dutch Caribbean, a thrilling scheme known as Flash Flamboyance burst into existence! Its mission? To ignite excitement and spread the word about Bonaire’s brand-new non-stop flights from the bustling cities of New York City, Toronto, and Miami. The masterminds behind this electrifying plan were the Tourism Board of Bonaire, Dunn & Co (their brand experiential agency), and Pinpoint.


Choosing the Perfect Locations

Pinpoint and Dunn & Co. scoured the cities to find the ultimate hotspots that would appeal to Bonaire’s target audience of 25 – 54-year-olds. They wanted places that were popular, had lots of people walking by, and a youthful vibe. We found three incredible spots that fit the bill: Astor Place in New York City, The Bentway in Toronto, and The Wynwood Marketplace in Miami.


A Spectacular Sight

Imagine you’re strolling along through the city when you stumble upon 120 gleaming metal flamingo sculptures filling the plaza in front of you! These flamingos were specially made to represent Bonaire, which is famous for its flamingo sanctuaries. Pinpoint ingeniously designed custom bases for each flamingo, making them stand up as well as stand out. But that’s not all! We went above and beyond by erecting two colossal walls filled with beautiful pictures of Bonaire, beckoning all who laid eyes on them to embark on an unforgettable adventure.


An Unforgettable Experience

To make things even more exciting, a QR code was placed at each location, enticing viewers to scan the code and enter a contest to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the island. Making the experience even more delightful, friendly Bonaire brand ambassadors were there to assist. They handed out luggage tags and shared tales of the wonders of Bonaire in exchange for attendees’ contact information.


Bringing it All Together

Pinpoint’s meticulous planning triumphed with the flawless execution of this multi-city mobile tour. Our company took care of everything, from printing and fabricating to installing all the amazing elements. We assembled the 120 flamingo sculptures, created a stunning 30-foot-long skyline wall, and built an engaging photo-op wall. The team also strategically placed signs to encourage people to scan the QR code and share on social media. To add to the tropical vibe, Pinpoint brought in potted faux palm trees and grasses. And the Bonaire brand ambassadors made sure everyone had a great time and learned about the island.


Success and Excitement

The Flash Flamboyance events were a roaring success, with over 1200 luggage tags distributed to thrilled attendees. The QR code scans reached 1100+, and the contest form submissions exceeded 1000. But the impact of these events went beyond mere numbers. Attendees shared personal photos on social media, creating a word-of-mouth buzz among the public about the unforgettable experience. These tangible outcomes are a testament to Pinpoint’s dedication to creating immersive and remarkable experiences.

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