Make a tangible connection in a virtual world with custom impact kits

Impact Kits are fully customized virtual event kits. These boxes are filled with strategically chosen products, branded materials, and even snacks, that reinforce your brand message and theme. Whether it’s an online event with customers, internal training, or employee appreciation gifts — the possibilities are endless to make an impact.

Today, the outside-the-box way to reengage is in a box— Impact Kits
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Kits provide a tangible, sensory experience to reinforce what’s learned virtually

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Quality gifts that boost emotional connection to your brand

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Come with serious WOW factor

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Completely customized for your audience and goals

Kits starting as low as $19.95ea

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Fundraising Support Kit

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Event Attendee Kit

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Customer Appreciation Kit

Wanna get fancy?
We got You!

To really WOW your audience, step-up your kit with custom add-on options like:

Light Activated Sound Modules | Motion Activated Lights | Secret Compartments | Dimensional Pop-Ups | Unique Shapes | Invisible Ink

Let’s talk about elevating your brand with engaging Impact Kits!
Customized products and affordable pricing to fit any budget and initiative.