Coors Light at Amalie Arena, Tampa Bay Lightning


“Between the Pipes” is Coors Light’s branded terrace-level bar fan-experience at Amalie Arena, home of the NHL’s World Champion Tampa Bay Lightning. Atop the second deck of the bar sits the NHL’s largest digital organ, centerpiece to Amalie Arena’s sound experience. The sound attracts all eyes toward the Coors Light branding. The objective of this project was to renovate the bar space and transform it into a more premium experience, ultimately driving Coors Light product sales within the arena. A total re-skinning within the original footprint, the design/build firm Paramount and Coors Light’s experiential agency, Jack Morton, asked Pinpoint to advise, fabricate, produce, and install the new premium makeover. Pinpoint executed the creative vision of Jack Morton and Paramount, including the creation of dimensional, light-up channel lettering; a custom-fabricated dimensional hockey stick wall; sleek, dimensional acrylic logos; service island and wall cladding with brushed aluminum, real wood, and vinyl graphics. Given the accessibility challenge of reaching the balcony front due to its height and location, installation required the use of both a 75-ton all-terrain hydraulic crane and 135-ft straight telescopic boom.


  • 1800 sq. ft. of brushed aluminum paneling with hidden mounting method (no visible hardware) fit precisely to existing structures
  • Three (3) Coors Light backlit dimensional logos: 115” x 17”, fabricated aluminum channel lettering, 3” deep LED-illuminated can letters with Pantone® color match
  • Between the Pipes backlit dimensional lettering: 85” x 6”, fabricated aluminum channel lettering, 3” deep LED-illuminated can letters
  • Coors Light Between the Pipes dimensional lettering: 360” x 27”, 1/2-inch-thick solid acrylic lettering attached to an aluminum cabinet installed to the balcony rim using heavy equipment
  • 420 sq. ft. of 6” x 3” brushed metal adhesive tiles installed on lounge walls
  • 432 sq. ft. of laminate floor panels (Asian Walnut with natural stain) installed on walls
  • Fabrication and finishing of 85 custom cut hockey sticks, with Tampa Bay Lightning vinyl logos applied to each stick

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